II. Information 活動資訊
  • Host 主辦單位:Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan 行政院環境保護署

  • Organizer 執行單位:Institute of Environment and Resources 財團法人環境資源研究發展基金會

  • Time and Facilities of Visiting Events 參訪活動時間及地點:





Content of Event


Assemble Time/Location 



October 23, 2020



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FGD Recycling Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taichung City, Waipu)


  • Exchanges on the status and prospects of environmental protection between Taiwan and New Southbound Countries


  • A guide for recycling electronic appliances


  • Assemble Time:10:00am

  • Assemble Location:Dajia railway station

  • 集合時間:9:50am-10:00am

  • 集合地點:台中大甲火車站(台中市大甲區中山路一段828號)

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Participants 參加對象:International students from New Southbound Countries who major in environmental protection or other related fields. 新南向國家在臺環境保護等相關領域留學生。
Language活動語言:Mandarin-English consecutive interpretation will be supported提供中英文逐步口譯。
Event fee活動費用:Free全程免費。
Transportation交通方式:Tour bus between visiting facilties and assembling location. 全程以遊覽車於定點接送。

III. Notification注意事項 
  • Participants must gather at the assembling location on time and cooperate with the arrangement of the activity. 請參與人員務必準時於集合地點集合,並確實配合本活動之安排。
  • In the event of a typhoon or other force majeure that causes the shutdown of the visiting facility, the activity will be postponed until further notice. 如遇颱風等不可抗力因素以致參訪設施所在縣市停止上班,即延期舉行,辦理日期將另行通知。
  • The host reserves the right to adjust the content of the activity. 主辦單位保有調整參訪內容之權利。
  • During the COVID-19 epidemic period, please wear a mask if you cannot keep social distance and cooperate with the staffs on site to measure body temperature and other prevention measures. If you feel unwell during the activity, please seek medical attention immediately. 防疫期間,參訪過程若無法保持社交距離請配戴口罩,並請配合執行單位、參訪單位測量體溫等防疫措施,若有任何不適請立即就醫。
  • In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, people with recent travel history, contact history, fever, or respiratory symptoms are not allowed to participate. 因應COVID-19疫情,如近期有旅遊史、接觸史、發燒、呼吸道症狀者,請勿參加。
IV. Registration Information 報名方式
  • Please click this link for online registration 採線上報名,請點選此連結
  • Due to the limited number of places, applicants will be accepted based on the principle of first-come-first-serve and closed when all spaces are filled. 因名額有限,將依收到報名表之先後順序安排,額滿即截止。
  • Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail. 報名成功者將以e-mail方式寄發通知。
  • For the quality of the event and the rights of participants, this event does not accept on-site registration. 為維護活動品質與參與人員之權利,本活動恕不接受現場報名。
  • The host reserves the right to screen out the list of participants. 主辦單位保有篩選名單之權力。

V. Contact information洽詢方式

Institute of Environment and Resources


Mr. Chen 陳先生

Tel:02-2515-0369 ext. 282


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