【IMPORTANT】All DYU courses will be conducted online to the end of the semester (June 25th) for the safety of all and by reducing infection


For the health and safety of all, all courses will be conducted via online teaching to the end of the semester (June 25th)--not just from May 17 to May 30 as in the previous announcement.

1. In each class, the teacher should record the students' online attendance and participation status (By Zuvio).

2. Students may access at home with computers or mobile devices (no need to go to the classroom) to reduce unnecessary movement between regions and avoid crowded places, parties, tourism or other gathering activities.

3. With labs, internships and P.E., instructors, please arrange online format or other alternatives.
(1)Teachers can use online synchronous teaching or online asynchronous teaching or other alternatives, and please make an announcement to the students.
(2)For the practical or experimental courses that did not use online teaching from May 17th to May 30th, instructors are also requested to arrange online format or other alternatives.

4. It is recommended that each course can make good use of Google Meet for online teaching, but the course status is different. The instructor is requested to publish the information on the teaching methods, tools and platforms used during the online teaching on the iCourse digital learning platform, and also please send it through iCourse E-mail to the students (can be supplemented by other communication software for students to know).

5. The degree examinations for graduate students will be conducted in Google Meet from now until June 30th. Students fill in "Google Meet" in the location field of the examination system, and please record the whole process during the examination.

6. The deadlines and adjustment for semester grades, graduation degree certificates, and application for suspension are as attached to the announcement.

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