【IMPORTANT】All DYU courses will be conducted online from May 17th to 30th for the safety of all and by reducing infection


Hello everyone, forward the announcement of the Academic Affairs Office:
Recently, the domestic epidemic situation has continued to be severe. All DYU courses will be conducted online from May 17th (Monday) to May 30th for the safety of all and by reducing infection. Please cooperate and work together to prevent the epidemic.

1. Currently, online teaching is expected to last until May 30th. Follow-ups and adjustments are subject to the development of the pandemic.

2. If online teaching cannot be taken due to the nature of the course, it will all be suspended and made up for when physical attendance is resumed. In principle, the supplementary lesson should be completed before June 25th.

3. In each class, the teacher should record the students' online attendance and participation status (By Zuvio), students may access at home with computers or mobile devices.

4. Course status is different. In order to take into account the epidemic prevention considerations and the teaching without delay, the instructor is requested to publish the information on the teaching methods, tools and platforms used during the online teaching on the iCourse digital learning platform, and also please send it through iCourse E-mail to the students (can be supplemented by other communication software for students to know).

5. The operation methods of online teaching software JoinNet, Google Meet, TEAMS, etc. can be found on the webpage of the Academic Affairs Office (Other information-digital teaching related software manuals and teaching videos reference, URL: ).

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