About Us

Da-Yeh was founded in March 1990 as an Institute of Technology by Mr. Song-Gen Yeh. To establish a German style polytechnic in Taiwan , the Board hoped to put equal emphasis on theory and practice, integrating different technologies, and inculcating in professionals “the idea of creativity and quality” through the master/apprenticeship system and cooperation between industry and academia.

01.Apply International Student

DYU 2018 Fall Admission for International Student 1. Application Deadline: by 20th, June, 2018. 2. First Day of classes: around 13th, Sep, 2018.

02.Working in Taiwan

Foreign students enrolling in DYU should apply for Resident Visas for entering Taiwan.

03.Partner Universities of DYU

Da-Yeh University the Entrepreneurs' best partner is the very purpose we try hard to achieve.

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