About Us

Da-Yeh was founded in March 1990 as an Institute of Technology by Mr. Song-Gen Yeh. To establish a German style polytechnic in Taiwan , the Board hoped to put equal emphasis on theory and practice, integrating different technologies, and inculcating in professionals “the idea of creativity and quality” through the master/apprenticeship system and cooperation between industry and academia.

01.International Student Application

DYU 2022 Spring Admission for International Student Application Deadline: by December 10th, 2021 / First Day of class: 21st, Feb, 2022.

02.Overseas Youth Vocational Training School, OYVTS

The different OYVTS training programs are designed to prepare students to enter different vocational fields and equip them with appropriate skills. The 41st recruitment is currently underway, the application deadline until 30th Sep by online application.

03.Partner Universities of DYU

Exchange Program, International MasterClass, Double Degree Program, and Oversea Internship Program allows us to meet the world at DYU.

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