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About OFA

About Office of International Affairs (OIA)

Office of International Affairs (OIA) is a gate to lead DYU into international stage. OIA is also actively in academic communication, interact with foreign schools, and attract more international students to join us.


OIA’s profession is to recruit students oversea, push campus forward globalization, academic communication, cooperate with international schools, make guide line for double degree and exchange students, and be counseling for foreign students to adapt their new life in DYU. Under many offices and affairs hard-working, our international students are increasing 10 times more during 2013 to 2018. We are looking forward to improving management synergies and promote DYU into internationalize.


About OFA

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Yunlin Jinshui 164 Rural Experiential Tour
DYU 30th Anniversary- Multicultural Experience with Baguette Sandwich
20191113  Double Degree Orientation with Southern New Hampshire University
2020 Lunar New Year Europe-Asia Tour- Carnival of Voices from Taiwan
2020 Farewell party for International Graduates
RMUTR ASEAN Youth Camp 11 – 19 January 2020, Thailand
2019/05/08 Soegijapranata Catholic University Delegation, Indonesia, Visiting DYU
2019/02/18 International Students Orientation Event for 2019 Spring Semester
2018/11/22Xingyi Normal University for Nationalities
2018/11/12 Ascendo Group, South Africa
2018/10/31 Taiwan Graduates Association of Brunei
2018/10/26 Queensland University of Technology
2018/10/23 FERRANDI, PARIS
2018/10/16 Thai Christian School
2018/10/15 The Organization of Taiwan Education & Cultural, Malaysia
2018/10/09 Overseas Youth Learning Experience Camp In Taiwan
2018/10/04 Southern New Hampshire University
2018/09/20 Ma Chung University
International Students Orientation Event for 2018 Fall Semester
2018/09/19 Asia-Pacific Jinggangshan Buddism Federation
Hong Kong Visiting Group
Hong Kong Visiting Group
2018/08/14 De Montfort University
2018/08/05~17 China Summer Camp
2018/08/05~13 WU YI University Camp
2018/07/17~21 Hong Kong Caritas Education Service Camp
Winter Clothing Donation
Overseas Vocational Class 33th~34th

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