History of DYU

Da-Yeh was founded in March 1990 as an Institute of Technology by Mr. Song-Gen Yeh. To establish a German style polytechnic in Taiwan , the Board hoped to put equal emphasis on theory and practice, integrating different technologies, and inculcating in professionals “the idea of creativity and quality” through the master/apprenticeship system and cooperation between industry and academia.

In 1990 , Da-Yeh Institute of Technology began recruiting students. On July 9, 1997, Da-Yeh's change of status was approved by the Ministry of Education and the University earned its new name- Da-Yeh University. At present it consists of the College of Engineering , the College of Design and Arts, the College of Management , the College of Biotechnology and Bioresources, and the College of Foreign Languages . Da-Yeh 's pursuit of creativity in a myriad of vital areas continues in order to improve the quality of life of students on campus. For instance , the University played a significant role in organizing the First Nationwide College and University Club Fair in 1998, the National Sports Competition in 1998, and the Presidential Conference of University in 2001.

Nowadays Da-Yeh has been making major strides in internationalizing the University to improve academic cooperation with other universities, to explore new fields of scholarly studies, and to work in partnership with international counterparts. In addition, Da-Yeh uses VOD (Video on Demand) to construct a learning network system. In this way, we hope that students can keep in contact with the latest information so that each of them can be “Entrepreneurs' Favorite ”. In fact, to make Da-Yeh University the Entrepreneurs' best partner is the very purpose we try hard to achieve.


The University is located in the county of Changhua at the heart of Taiwan. It only takes 15 minutes from the University to the train station. The campus covers an area of over 31 hectares scenic land with many kinds of trees. Without any stores surrounding it, the environment is very tranquil. The University is the best place to study for students.